Driving by the Worli Seaface, Mumbai
December 2012
Photo credit: nishaksquared

In July 2010, I was about to embark on a real-life adventure: I was just weeks away from moving to Mumbai, India, with my hubby. Though my family hails from the subcontinent, at that point, I had spent less than two months in India throughout my entire life. This move was an exciting and overwhelming prospect, and to chronicle it all, I launched my first blog called Eastern Standard Times.

I am intensely proud of EST (as I lovingly abbreviated my little space in the blogosphere) because it kept me writing. I wrote about anything and everything, from the downright silly to serious issues that touched me. EST was a real comfort to me as I learned about my adopted city, a new culture, and really, a new way of living. As I dubbed it, EST was a “chronicle of life and times in Mumbai.”

When I returned to NYC, my hometown, in early 2013, I struggled with what shape EST should take — how could this present blog continue now that I had moved back to my home country? I found it difficult to strike the right note for the transition, and quite frankly, grew impatient and frustrated. I then realized that just as Mumbai was a distinct chapter in my life (with a beginning, middle and end), EST is as well, and it was time to evolve.

I will leave EST up, but it will no longer be updated. I hope you will be entertained by my thoughts, stories and just general fun stuff inspired from my time in India.