A Fresh Manicure

Along with nearly 17 million other people, I watched Diane Sawyer’s landmark interview with Bruce Jenner last Friday night.

I had no idea what to expect, but I tuned in because I was curious: what was all the hype about?

Would Jenner be sharing an authentic story from his heart — his story — or would this just be another shameless plug for the Kardashians?

And, very much to my surprise, I was moved to tears.

Jenner’s experience and message couldn’t have been shared with more dignity or universality.

What really spoke to me is when he talked about not being able to be himself for so much of his life. When I think of his experience — or the transgender experience — in those terms, that’s something I could relate to.

If we think of people who are different from ourselves in those terms, I think we’d be more sensitive, compassionate and accepting.

Can you imagine not feeling like you can be you? Can you imagine not feeling like you can explore who you want to become?

I can’t. That isn’t freedom. That’s prison.

We all want to be ourselves, on our own terms. We all want to be happy and healthy and full of love.

I’m grateful to Jenner for sharing his truth with such candor and generosity.

And as I type this with my fresh manicure, I’m reminded of a simple desire Jenner mentioned to Sawyer: to be able to wear nail polish long enough and in public so that it can chip naturally, rather than him having to remove it to hide who he is.

Such a simple thing, but I’m grateful that I’m able to be more myself than not.

We don’t live in a perfect world and we aren’t all always going to be happy. But the more committed we are to being the best version of ourselves and without judgement, I truly believe we can create a more accepting world.

Let’s help everyone and ourselves feel like they can be who they are and be loved for it.

This week, I’m lovin’:

Creating a new schedule + new commitments, new promises + feeling energized from awesome client interactions + encouragement, in all shapes, sizes and media + playing hooky on a weekday afternoon and having a long heart-to-heart chat with my brother + Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies + the smooth scratch of my favorite pen across my favorite kind of notebook page + Anthony Doerr winning the Pulitzer for fiction (side note: we share the same taste in website template layouts!) + Sunday chats with my BFF + “Accio Books!” + 10 money lessons that reinforce the “quality over quantity” mindset + growing up in NYC in the ’90s was fun! + cherry blossoms and weeping willows + Gary Pepper Girl + my friends in Nepal, safe ‘n’ sound + weekday dinner and bad reality TV with my two favorite guys, my brother and my hubby + …and speaking of my hubby, midday breaks with him are the best!


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