The Sunshine Effect


It’s no secret that I’m in love with my hometown.

NYC grows more and more beautiful with each passing spring day.

Plants and flowers are in bloom, and so is good cheer. Whether I’m taking a walk or running errands, I see so many people just in a great mood and ready with a smile or a quick chat.

And I strongly believe that the more good vibes you out into the world, the more you’ll receive them. Much easier to do if you’re feeling good and generous every day!

That’s the sunshine effect.

And guess what?

This is only the beginning: it’ll only get stronger!

Crossing things off of my behind-the-scenes to-do list + working from my iPhone + creating my first Insta-video! + revisiting old posts I’ve written and getting new ideas +  a clean desk + weekday sushi lunch with a good friend + “Ship to Wreck” + too many mugs of tea + testing Fredrik Eklund‘s ability to sell anything + work breaks with my mom + “12 Books to Read If You Loved The Girl on the Train” (a real page-turner!) + thinking about spirituality + fantasizing about warm-weather weekend getaways with the Airbnb app + my new, super comfortable Nike Free Flyknits (💛 how one of the colors is called “wolf grey” — makes me feel so Game of Thrones!) + “Drunk in Love” with Will Ferrell + Gilbert Blythe (RIP) + glasses shopping at Warby Parker + how my BFF never fails to make me feel better + exasperated commentary on late-night Bravo reality TV with my hubby


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