La Bella Famiglia

Last weekend, I had a freak accident in the kitchen that left me unable to write a new post. But this week, I’m back!

Although it was a real pain, it made me realize just how blessed I am to have my family.


My sweet hubby, my brilliant parents, my awesome baby bro, my dear BFFs: they made me feel so loved and taken care of. Mind you, it’s not like I hacked my hand off or something, but I still needed help while I healed.

And the beautiful people in my life were always ready with a some help, extra care and fun conversation.

Love really is in the details, in how we treat and show one another TLC.

I’m infinitely grateful for how many of those details I have in my life every single day.

This week (and last!), I’m also lovin’:

Watching progress unfold, step-by-step + getting creative + website redesign + thinking about “better” and room for improvement + so many kind words and encouragement + new routes and  long ambling walks through Central Park + afternoon cuddles + preparing myself a healthy lunch + Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale (it actually tastes like ginger!) + creating photo collages on the new Layout app + grocery delivery + How to Be Boss Even When You Feel Like a Fraud + sunny afternoons and Beach House on the stereo + mini chocolate cupcakes + cobalt, azure and dreamy shades of blue + the lingering sweetness of Marc Jacobs’s Daisy eau so fresh on my clothes and hair + the crazy, over-the-top reality stars on Bravo + Apple Dictation + mornings with my mom + Sunday afternoons at Journelle and Anthropologie + midnight brainstorming + a pretty spring dress and a whimsical vespa print + a homemade bolognese + never leaving the bookstore without adding new must-reads to my ever-growing list + colorful, geometric patterned bandaids + late night dinners at home with my hubby


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