Enter Sandman

In the past week, I’ve been binging on my favorite music from the ’90s: a whole lot of grunge rock with sides of heavy metal.

In particular, I’ve been replaying on YouTube the first concert me and my hubby went to together: Metallica’s first concert in India ever, in October 2011.

That concert was one of the most memorable moments in my life. I think that’s also true for my hubby. There aren’t enough words to describe the energy, enthusiasm, passion, talent and generosity we bore witness to.

Photo credit: Forbes India
Photo credit: Forbes India.

Little known fact about me: in my teenage years, I spent a fair amount of time head-banging in my bedroom. With my trusty old Sony tape deck, I would listen to the likes of Metallica, Tool and others, and just be in touch with my inner metal god.

Seeing who I am now and what my tastes are, it’s funny to me that I really don’t fit the stereotype of a metal-head. (Well, to be honest, I never did.)

The thing I love about music, and that music, is how I’m transported to a specific moment way back when. I can remember how I felt, how much things meant to me, what I was thinking and what I wanted from my life. In some ways, I’m not so different now.

What’s incredible to me now is how while I was singing along to my favorite Metallica lyrics and head-banging like the best of them in my purple bedroom, my hubby — completely unknown to me, a world away — was doing the same. We were listening to the same music and marveling at the same virtuosity that still takes our breath away.

That talent and energy makes us want to wax poetic, especially me. I want to describe how much that music means to me. But it’s a futile exercise.

Instead, we shut up, laugh at ourselves and sing along at the top of our lungs.

Because the music speaks for itself.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Strong first reviews + a balanced approach + soy chai tea lattes (hold the foam!) + getting in touch with my inner accountant (thank you Freshbooks!) + curling up with Elena Ferrante‘s Neapolitan novels and a furry throw in my sun-dappled living room + the new look ‘n’ feel of B-School and playing catch-up pleasurably + a bag of new books and magazines + hydration + Zadie Smith’s Rules for Writers + Stop Doing S*** You Don’t Like + a new uniform and dressing for myself + Kendrick Lamar in the background + saying a definitive ‘no’ to Snapchat, but ‘yes’ to Meerkat + StoryCorps + listening to my body + whole days outside + saying hi to God + brainstorming with my globetrotting hubby


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