Walk It Out

I’m a walker, always have been and likely always will be.

The colors of my morning walk in NYC: pink, royal purple, army green, soft black + concrete gray.
The colors of my morning walk: pink, royal purple, army green, soft black + 50 shades of gray (wink, wink). Photo credit: Nisha K. Kulkarni

Walking is my version of meditation, thinking, musing.

It’s the only sure way I know of that will help me solve a problem, come up with a new idea or just free my mind.

I feel sharper, stronger and smarter when I walk.

Walking is how I fall back in love with the world around me.

And now with the slowly warming temperatures and sunnier days, I’ve been spending more time outdoors, taking it all in.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Unexpectedly long, but inspiring conversations + a new way of organizing my to-dos + catching the attention of people I admire + energy! + the courage of my convictions + new rules, less rigidity + delighting in a simple, homemade avocado quesadilla while perusing #PFW2015 highlights on Instagram + “What you do is who you become.” + feeling like an urban sophisticate by getting all dressed up for an early morning walk in the sunshine + Queen Madge, the “Rebel Heart” ambassador + Elena Ferrante, in translation + John Oliver, always + laughing over random toddler memories with bankers + spring style inspiration from Emma Watson and Sienna Miller + decluttering and unloading + working side-by-side with my baby bro with the crazy Shahs of Sunset + “Game of Thrones” (April 12th can’t come fast enough!) + animal-friendly zoos + a southern drawl + the romantic haze of a blurry photo + the life-changing comfort of Zella streamline capri leggings (no exaggeration) + my hubby’s 1,001 pet names for me


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