Treat Yo’self

“Treat yo’self”: that’s blazoned across my desktop…and the official theme of the past week.

Celebrating a great week with a great desktop reminder, tea + self-gifts.
Celebrating a great week with a great desktop reminder, tea + self-gifts. Photo credit: Nisha K. Kulkarni. (Edited in VSCO app.)

I’m celebrating a work victory that feels really good. It marks a step in the right direction, and it reaffirms that my efforts will pay off. It marks something new.

I love to celebrate moments big and small, but when it comes to work, I’m usually cautious. I do the victory lap in my head and move on, scared that too much celebration may jinx me. (Oh, superstition…)

This week though, I realized that if I don’t let myself just indulge in the moment, what’s the point?

I — like all of us — want to feel good, happy and proud about the life I lead. And there’s no better way than to just treat yourself in those special moments — let them prop you up, motivate you and show you how blessed you are.

And that there’s plenty more where that came from. 

This week, I’m also loving’:

The first big win + faith, confidence, perspective + geeking out over Twitter Analytics while listening to a ’90s rock and ’00s R&B playlist, all while chatting with my sweet hubby + pizza lunch dates with my mom at home + the hunt for the perfect dining table + chocolate fudge cupcakes and tiramisu + soft pink and Prada military green + the clap-worthy last moments of the “Downton Abbey” season finale + free caramel macchiatos with just a dash of vanilla + a change of plans + starting the next round of B-School this week + starting a new novel + every story and optimistic page of “A Path Appears” + the energy and rhythm of “Radioactive” with Kendrick Lamar, a perfect early morning anthem + my ever-present giant mug of tea + globetrotting dreams + long city walks that leave me so happy and so exhausted + the real talk and heart behind the Being Boss podcast + warmer temps, Daylight Savings and signs of spring! + hanging out with my cool baby bro + “Imagination is its own form of courage”: wise words spoken by Frank Underwood (aka Kevin Spacey) + mutual, unwavering respect and confidence between me and my hubby


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