Signs of Spring

March is here! And yet, the city blanketed by a fresh coat of snow.

Feeling Parisian. Photo by me + painted in Waterlogue.

I’m ready for spring more than I have ever been. I can appreciate the softness and coziness that winter inspires, but I’m ready for everything to be in-bloom once again.

Until then, I’m finding signs of spring indoors with all things pastel-colored, Parisian-influenced and floral.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Seeing the silver lining + wasted conference days transformed into productive nights + South Indian dinner delivery by my brother + Lady Gaga’s fantastic Oscars tribute to my favorite musical The Sound of Music + the hilarious and cool Anna Kendrick + “Stay weird, stay different” + “21 Gorgeous Portraits of Beauty Around the World” + the kickass return of Keanu Reeves as John Wick + rediscovering old favorites in my closet + “29 Photos of the Cast of Downton Abbey Being Totally Un-Downton-Like


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