My Inner Munch

When 2015 got to a start, I had this sudden revelation: I need to start painting again.

I love everything about this Edvard Munch painting -- "The Dance of Life" -- for almost two decades.
I love everything about this Edvard Munch painting — “The Dance of Life.” For almost two decades, the image and the use of paint just moves me deeply.

This thought came because I was reading about creativity and how sometimes to reawaken the muse within, we should explore other modes of creativity.

So, for example, I’m a writer. But to rekindle my creativity as a writer, I should dabble in other arts, like painting or photography, to keep my creative muscle tight and right, and to open up my imagination in new ways.

I was a little skeptical of this, but then I’ve noticed more people around me — many of them writers — doing the same.

Then I thought of my own experience many years ago.

When I was in high school, I did paint. And I did write. A lot. It was one of the most creative and creatively productive times of my life. I created work that I was genuinely proud of, including my first novella (and the only work of fiction I’ve fully completed to-date) and a series of textural paintings inspired by my favorite artist, Edvard Munch.

So, we’re nearly eight weeks into the New Year, and finally I took a stand and ordered some art supplies. They should arrive any day now.

I can’t wait to get started.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Laser focus, clear goals and #doingthework + inspired evenings blogging and eating Kix + simple changes, big results + stories from my “tribe” + sticking to a routine + how literary heroes have inspired new streams of thought and creativity in my business + this adorable three-year-old reciting the student creed of her tae kwon do studio + hazelnut coffee-infused hot chocolate…with mini marshmallows! (genius thought by one of my BFFs) + Better Call Saul (PS…did you know that Bob Odenkirk wrote for SNL at one time?) + solo sing-alongs to Florence + the Machine and Tool + pink and dark pink tulips, and three-week old (!) white roses + Mindy Kaling, an “unlikely leading lady” + a maze-like new Whole Foods + “10 David Carr Quotations to Always Remember” + my new favorite Downton Abbey character, Lady Edith Crawley + “12 Women Who Had the Perfect Response to Sexist Questions” + this excerpt from Kim Gordon‘s memoir which drops February 24th + “Seven Habits of Optimistic People” + a kind note from an old babysitter + the beautifully written “My Boys” chapter in Yes Please + Gin Gins ginger candy + ooh la la, dreaming my dreams of a classic Chanel flap bag + bright, spring-inspired ink + love, basketball…and LeBroooooooon James! + waking up to my hubby’s voice


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