A Good Old-Fashioned Sleepover

This Valentine’s Day weekend, I did something I haven’t done in about 10 years: I had a good old-fashioned sleepover with one of my dearest friends.

A still from ‘Chef’: a favorite I showed my BFF because she hadn’t seen it yet. So much fun: an absolute must-see!

We stayed up all night, indulged in late-night pizza and Mexican lunch, watched our fair share of rom-coms and feel-good flicks, and talked for hours.

It reminded me of being a teenager once again — minus too much soda, candy and horror movies.

I loved it!

That’s the thing about being with old friends: you’re never get too old to tap into your inner, enthusiastic, ideas-filled, teenaged self.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Productivity hyperdrive and staying in my zone + great first conversations + putting myself out there and the generosity of my peers + nonstop Pin-spiration + a late lunch of vegan pizza slices and Oreos + #revolutionoflove and Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” (listen to “Joan of Arc“) + the buzz-cheer my Fitbit makes when I’ve achieved my 10k steps! + Laggies + grocery delivery! + the girly cheer of Kate Spade’s Madison Avenue boutique + the “Dear Sugar” podcast + celebrating the successes of my friends + Shirley Manson + “Fifty Accents of Grey” + Lupita Nyongo’o’s healthy and inspiring self-confidence + pink nails + Kix cereal + focusing on quality, not quantity + the ’80s vibe of Taylor Swift’s “1989” + venturing out on cold, cold nights + “How Big, How Blue How Beautiful” + dreams of Paris and Prague (maybe time to plan a trip!) + the return of my forever Valentine, my sweet hubby


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