I Am The Grateful Geek

This image just invites you in, doesn’t it? Pure magic. (Photo credit: Keith Misner)

Part of being a writer is rolling with creativity and understanding where the muse will take you next.

Actually, that’s part of being any brand of creative. Or any sort of human being., come to think of it.

For the past month, I haven’t written a single word here. Not one. And sadly, I didn’t miss it.

I’ve been fine-tuning my voice for my business blog, and where before I was struggling, I was bursting with ideas and the desire to experiment over there.

As for here? I just didn’t know what to write about anymore. My heart just wasn’t feeling it.

Until now.

Late yesterday evening, while I was working on my business website, an idea that was subconsciously stewing in the back of my head crystallized and just ‘clicked.’

For what feels like ages now, the only posts I’ve been consistently sharing here is my ‘Grateful Geek’ series, a weekly post of what I’m loving most. This series started as a small idea; I had no plans to make it a series. I had no idea it would become the focal point of my personal blog.

But then, it became something I really looked forward to writing and sharing each week. It became the only thing I really wanted to write about here. I loved collecting the moments that made me feel good. I was paying even deeper attention to them and celebrating them more.

Cultivating a gratitude practice has been so important to me. As I write this post, I realize how true that is. Without meaning to make it a routine, I start and end each day by thinking about what I love and am grateful for.

It can be something intense and priceless like the deep love from your partner, family and friends, or it can be something “smaller” like the soft pink roses in your home, snow speckled on gray pavement or the comfy-cozy feel of a cashmere sweater.

The point is that all of it matters. By recognizing all these details in your life and really seeing them, you’re letting yourself celebrate all the beauty that’s around you.

And I think that there’s no better good mood pill to love yourself and no better motivation to make the best of every single day.

That’s why I’ve rechristened what you’ve known as ‘musings & moments‘ to ‘The Grateful Geek.’ I’ll continue sharing my weekly gratitude lists with you, as well as other moments and tips.

I’m really excited about this! This feels right. And that means I’ll be writing more often.

If you’re a veteran reader of my work, thank you so much for your support, and I hope that this space continues to entertain and — dare I hope — inspire you.

And if you’re a new reader, welcome! I hope you like it here.

See you later!

More on gratitude:

Grab a mug of tea and check out this short video by one of my favorite bloggers, gratitude junkie and radical self-love high priestess Gala Darling, to understand how and why gratitude is so powerful. She also shares some ideas on how to make gratitude part of your everyday life.



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