Grateful Geek: Words

There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think about books and writing.

Genius reminder from Anne Lamott in her book Bird by Bird.
From Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Photo credit: Nisha K. Kulkarni

But herein lies the problem: there’s too much thinking going on and not enough doing.

If I had one wish for this New Year, it is to write as unabashedly and un-self-consciously as I did when I first started more than two decades ago.

According to Anne Lamott, that’s the only way I can unlock the good stuff in my imagination.

I think only then will I really tap into the best version of myself, the kind of person I most want to be.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Renewed enthusiasm and a new vision + progress over perfection + first steps + f*** trying and Yoda wisdom + energy and creativity + healthy optimism and good vibes + mobile productivity + the smell of green apples + scraping a pen across actual paper + brisk walks in the freezing city air + The Good Lie + pastel pinks and blues, and all black + surround sound + “L.A. LOVE” + deep sleep + my mom’s awesome texts + my hubby, the master chef


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