Grateful Geek: Thanksgiving Special

I hope you and your loved ones had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Charlie Brown and friends celebrating Thanksgiving to the fullest.

Yesterday was all about soaking up quality time with loved ones, mouth-watering food and explosions of gratitude. I celebrate gratitude every single day, so Thanksgiving feels no different…except that it does.

As the year draws to a near close, I like this pause to reflect — more than usual — and take stock of all the good people and things in my life. And it should come as no surprise that the most precious gems in my life, what I’m most intensely grateful for and what makes me feel more blessed than not, are my family and friends. They are my world, and I can’t imagine this life or any other without them.

I gotta face it: I’m hopelessly in love with the people in my life. They bring me endless amounts of joy, comfort, security, encouragement, and most of all, love love love.

So even though Thanksgiving Day is over, I hope that you too feel super blessed every single day. I hope that you’re able to see how wonderful life is and how much more it can become if you just practice gratitude and let that be your north star.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Thoughtful notes + 2015 planning + “The Underground Girls of Kabul” + nearly a week’s worth of my hubby’s culinary delights + Sonix + nonstop thrills with Homeland + fresh pink blooms + midnight blue velvet and a place to sit + a smiling moon + dozing off and uninterrupted, restful, blissful sleep + family dinners and mini cupcakes + late morning starts with my hubby


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