Grateful Geek: Interior Design

As I pore over interior design magazines, books and blogs, Pinterest boards and store catalogues, I have a whole new appreciation for interior design and realize how I’m exercising a new creative muscle.

My new #workspace. Photo credit: nishaksquared.
My new #workspace. My desktop wallpaper appropriately reads: “Flourish your creativity.” Photo credit: nishaksquared.

Interior design is all about curating the lifestyle and experience you want and aspire for. What could be more special for yourself and whomever you share your home with?

Creating a home space is such a process. This is mine and my hubby’s third home together, but for some reason, this feels like the most important. The most special. This feels like the space that’s meant to be the truest expression of our life as adults, as individuals and as a couple.

There’s so much thought that goes into each detail, especially if you’re Type A like myself. I don’t want to settle for less than the vision I — <<ahem>> we — have. <<wink wink>>

And as each detail is realized, slowly but surely, I feel a fierce pride and joy. I love how it’s all coming together.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Behind-the-scenes work + the Chef soundtrack + Saturday nights at home and bright Sunday mornings + Homeland on-demand and Reign marathons on Netflix + polka dot mugs + Thug Kitchen and the cookbook section at Barnes & Noble + cleanliness that’s next to godliness + Jo Nesbo + dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds + brunch reunion with my BFF + listening to my hubby mindlessly sing while he works


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