Grateful Geek: New Home

There was no GG post last week because…we were moving into our new apartment!

My first #selfie from our new home! Love the #NYC skyline behind me.
My first #selfie from our new home! Love the #NYC skyline behind me. Photo credit: nishaksquared.

Words cannot describe how good it feels to settle into a home of our own.

Unpacking our boxes — those we packed before moved to India in 2010, as well as the ones that were piling up in my childhood bedroom while we searched for our home — has been quite the trip. There are so many sweet surprises I’d forgotten about, like the many photos, cards and letters from my favorite people.

Now, we’re occupied with decorating! This apartment is a blank canvas, and slowly but surely, we’ll fill it with things we love. For the most part, the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are set.

The most empty? The living room and dining area.

All of this is exciting, stressful, relief-inducing and happy. I love how each detail we think of makes this apartment more ours.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Taking charge and not giving up + writing + happy feedback + channeling frustrated energy into productivity + spreadsheets + the brilliant imagination on every page of “The Bone Clocks” + great customer service + coffee: the best way to combat the afternoon sleepies! + investing in what feels good + brown cardboard packages + the perfect bedroom + kitchen experiments and homemade vegan ice cream + an Argentinian Malbec + Reese Witherspoon + my best friends + sibling bonding time + interior designing with my hubby


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