Grateful Geek: Feminism

Earlier this week, actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson delivered an incredible speech to launch the HeforShe Campaign.

What I found incredibly smart, refreshing and empowering is her straight-forward approach to feminism. The word has earned such a bad reputation; I honestly can’t remember a time in my lifetime when the word didn’t conjure hairy legs, militant opinions and man-hatred.

I haven’t ever openly identified myself as a feminist, but because Ms. Watson reminds us that feminism is about gender equality, it’s hard to not identify with the label and be proud of what it means.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Getting out of a funk and recognizing what feels right + encouragement from past clients + an inspiring bedside manner + more examples of how not to do business + new things for a new home + a Central Park hot dog, mustard accidents and laughing at myself + letting go of the old and underused + Silk almond milk + Columbus Avenue + Liam Neeson, master PI + constant iMessaging with my best friends + afternoons at home with my mom + seven incredible years of knowing and being with my hubby


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