Grateful Geek: Creative Confidence

For the past few weeks, I’ve been raving about the Kelley brothers’s fantastic, must-read book Creative Confidence. I’m nearly done with it and so pumped with the positivity and refreshed outlook it has given me.

From Unsplash. Photo credit: Mia Di Domenico.

The key lesson from the book is that we all are creative and that no matter where we are in our journey — professional or personal — we need to do more to feed our creative side and build that confidence.

Why? Because that confidence will enrich every corner of our lives.

Practice more. Experiment more. Figure out what lights a fire within us and just go for it.

Reading the book has sparked an awareness in me: I need to feed my creative self. No more planning and over-intellecutalizing. I really need to start really writing again. Not just blogging or journaling, but the kind of un-self-conscious creative writing I did when I was younger, when my imagination flew, time and space slipped away, and I wrote for the sheer joy of it.

I’m going to make more room for that starting now.

What will you do to feed your creative self and build your confidence?

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Not fretting over to-do lists + a lot of positive, encouraging reading + talking + interior design tips with Domino and Elle Decor + IKEA’s “bookbook” + the importance of being Fierce Fabulous Free + the literary return of Ian McEwanThe Real Housewives of Melbourne + @puppiesnation + 642 Things to Write About + Songs of Innocence + carving out pockets of chat time with my BFFs + impromptu mid-week Mediterranean lunch dates with my hubby


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