Grateful Geek: Apartment Therapy

At long last it has happened: me and my hubby found a new apartment!

The home-hunting process has been long and frustrating, but as of next month, we’ll be moving into our new apartment.

Now, we’re both occupied by thoughts on how to create a space we love. I’m obsessed with color schemes, shapes, moods, styles. I’ve been surfing Pinterest and Apartment Therapy for ideas and tips, and I can’t be more excited — or pleased — to make a home of our own.

Cheers to that!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Getting back to business + good calls + Creative Confidence and the Kelley brothers + simplification + Matt Damon’s response to the ALS ice bucket challenge + soup and french fries + a classic watch + last days of summer + Brangelina‘s wedded bliss + catching up on my David Mitchell + homemade crepes and The Fault in Our Stars (still brilliant the second time around) + M83 + Kate Spade’s romantic, autumn-perfect Shanghai collection + the Friends reunion (well, almost…) + the end of Operation Find-a-Home! + phone chats with my hubby


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