Grateful Geek: The Art in Everyday

This week has flown by in a haze. And not because of work!

From Photo Credit: Glen Carrie.

I had oral surgery earlier this week, and though it wasn’t anything major, it took a couple more days than expected for me to feel like myself.

Instead of pushing myself to be uber-productive and cross everything off my task list, I decided to just let my body heal and my imagination fly. I napped (a lot), revisited old TV favorites, caught up on my article reading list, Internet window-shopped and Pinterest-surfed, and generally spent time…observing everything.

I marvel at how much of what we surround ourselves by affects the little moments of life. It’s those little moments that we curate for ourselves that let in the art of everyday. Be it beautiful people, places, things, food, music, what-have-you, all of these are pieces to creating the best version of ourselves, on our own terms.

By being more thoughtful of ourselves and the world around us, we can make it all so much more memorable and sweet.

Our best life. That’s pretty damn powerful, don’t you think?

This week, I’m also lovin’:

End-of-summer ease + new leads and a renewed determination + thinking about 2015 + The Desire Map workbook and a pencil + Stephen King’s writing lessons reverberating in my mind + the Elevate app + painkillers + soft food and my mother’s homemade, inventive, healing dal + my bed + Bill Murray in What About Bob? and Lost in Translation + Portishead + SATC marathons and the new season of Project Runway + fall street style + the edgy sophistication of Saint Laurent + dreaming up a new living and working space + indulgence…without the side of guilt + long overdue girl talk + my amazing, extraordinary, caring, loving hubby, mom, dad and brother


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