Grateful Geek: Vegas Baby!

My hubby gave me a BIG surprise yesterday: for my 32nd birthday (in just under two weeks), he’s taking me to Las Vegas!

I haven’t been to Las Vegas since a family trip when I was 15, so this will be my first visit as an adult. It’s going to be such a fun getaway!

My hubby has never been there, so this will be a real treat for him too — especially since his birthday is just days after mine.

It’s always nice to have something — big or small — to look forward to, isn’t it?

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Celebrating one-year of being in business + taking a pause + letting my imagination fly + perfect summertime weather + the final installment in the All Souls Trilogy, my type of guilty pleasure reading + vanilla macchiatos, croissants and apricot fruit spread + rediscovering Lana Del Rey’s voice + the lovely “Begin Again” + neutral colors, soft hues and jewel tones + my daily walk + whimsical music notes + patience during Operation Find-a-Home + my parents’ drive + sweet notes from my BFF + how my hubby can still surprise me


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