Presently: July 9

From Unsplash. Photo Credit: Sonja Langford

Hoping: That the new look ‘n’ feel of musings and moments is to your liking!

Still Shaking My Head Over: Yesterday’s World Cup match between Germany and Brazil. In case you didn’t hear, Germany won with a truly impressive score of 7-1. 7-1! I mean, whoa.

Basking In: Hot summer days. Either days will go by before I set foot outside because it’s too damn hot, or I feel adventurous and take long walks in the increasingly relentless heat. In both cases, I love that the days are long and bright. I could just do with less humidity. (Hear that, God?)

Obsessing Over: Summer reading. In my free time (read: late at night or early morning), I’ve been devouring books. I’ve read some great ones in recent weeks, such as The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) and Americanah (which I can’t stop thinking about) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Inspired By: In case you haven’t heard, I have my own business. And a cornerstone of my work is brand storytelling. That means I pay a lot of attention to stories by different people and companies (and everything in-between).

In that vein, my love for Kate Spade New York is reaching Apple proportions. KSNY has declared 2014 the year to #TravelColorfully. Each month, new product is inspired by one hot destination. (For July, it’s Buenos Aires. So far this year, Bristol, Paris, Capri, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro and Havana were picked.) Even if you don’t want to buy anything, there are fun free extras on the KSNY blog. Pure brilliance.

Loving: These days, me and my BFF (who lives in Canada) have been finding more and more time to chat during the week, either via phone or iMessage (as opposed to once every few weeks). And you know what? It puts a big ol’ smile on my face! We both have busy schedules, so it’s hard to keep in touch as much as we’d like, but I love that we’re making more of an effort to stay in touch like we did when we lived in the same city. Thank you technology!

Hunting For: Operation Find-a-Home is in full swing! Me and my hubby are pursuing our apartment search with renewed zeal. We’re so determined to find the perfect place for us ASAP. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thinking About: Ways to “give back,” via volunteerism or charity.

Wanting To: Cut my hair to an easy, breezy, much shorter length. But totally chicken about doing so!

In Awe Of: The fact that next week marks the one-year anniversary of my business! So much has changed since last year, and though there are many miles more to go, I’m proud of making it this far.


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