Grateful Geek: Football

I love football. AKA soccer. Like really love it.

So I’m in seventh heaven with the World Cup right now.

When football is played well, which it has been for the most part this World Cup, there’s no better display of strategy, integrity and sportsmanship.

No other sport excites, inspires and teaches me as much as football.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll make time to catch a match — this Saturday’s showdown between Brazil and Chile is a very good place to start!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

New leads + reframing my approach to business blogging + putting the horse before the cart (and not the other way around) + devouring the most perfect, excellent novel I’ve read in years + Cults + mindless, late-night, pre-sleep gaming + more frequent phone/iMessage chats with my BFF + Operation Find-a-Home + celebrating my two wedding anniversaries every year + revisiting and reusing smart purchases + air-conditioning + reintroduced to an oldie but goodie, Hale and Hearty + my mom’s sentimentality + my hubby’s return


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