Grateful Geek: Oberyn Martell

If you’ve been following me even for a short while, you’ll know that I totally geek out over Game of Thrones. It’s the one TV show I look forward to every week and must watch the night it airs.

And one of my favorite new characters this season has been Oberyn Martell, played by the fantastic Pedro Pascal (that accent!). In this quick interview, Pascal describes all the things that make Oberyn awesome. (Beware: there are spoilers!)

There are only a couple of episodes left in this season, and then we’ll have to wait one more year to see how life plays out in Westeros. You can bet I’ll be watching at the edge of my seat!

BONUS: Watch the reimagined final scene of last week’s Game of Thrones (for those of us in denial).

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Action + new launches + easy conversations + feeling the love + Hollow City + my amazing black and mint green Bose SoundTrue headphones + the Apple Genius Bar at Grand Central + mini Hersheys chocolates + shopping days + city walks up Third Avenue + cool girl short hairstyles a la Mindy Kaling and Mandy Moore + the smell of fresh New York pizza + Starbucks grande iced passion tea lemonade (sweetened) + the rainy day cooldown + card games with my hubby


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