Grateful Geek: Holiday Dreams

In just a few short days, me and my hubby are flying to Maui to enjoy some much needed (and well-earned!) R&R time. I’m already in a holiday state of mind!

Those beach chairs are clearly waiting for me and my hubby!

Me and my hubby have been counting down the days, hours and minutes (even seconds) until this break. We’ve been needing a proper holiday for awhile, and when we finally booked this trip, it was an immediate sense of relief…and intense anticipation.

What’s on the cards? Quality time with my hubby, soaking up beautiful land- and seascapes, swimming, napping on the beach (or in a fluffy hotel bed), indulging in some novel-reading, exploring, and some good-old fashioned dreaming and inspiration-searching.

It’s going to be AMAZEBALLS!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

DIY website design and a fresh face + aiming for progress, not perfection + putting the finishing touches on (nearly) completed projects + embracing my uber-feminine side + conversations with business kindred spirits + Ellen’s adorable, lovable five-year-old buddy Kai + the joy of canary yellow + Beyonce’s Standing on the Sun and Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars + whimsical warm weather Tees + a fun ‘n’ friendly Toucan + and, in case you haven’t heard, three days until Maui!

PS – I won’t be posting any new content while I’m away. I’ll return to regularly scheduled programming on Friday, May 16th, sun-kissed and with stories to tell. If you want to see what I’m up to during my Maui holiday, keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter!


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