Grateful Geek: This Season of Possibility

Spring is possibly the best season to fall in love with NYC, again and again.

All that sky. Photo credit: nishaksquared
That sky. Photo credit: nishaksquared

It’s hard not to be wrapped up in the undeniable joy and romance of the city as the days stretch longer and longer, and are punctuated by awe-inspiring sunsets.

I especially fall deeper in love with my hometown every time I saunter through Central Park with my hubby. Seeing the magnolias and cherry blossoms in-bloom, and so many people just soaking up the sunshine, makes me smile.

I feel so much love for and appreciation of this season of possibility.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Not being afraid of the drawing board + no guts, no glory + living and working out loud + Vitamin Water + lunch breaks with dad + giggles over fun childhood memories + every single word of The Fire Starter Sessions + long overdue, leisurely, amazing chats with my BFF in Toronto + homemade banana bread + sleeping masks + Design Love Fest + the sweetness in Samwell Tarly + the gloriously uplifting soy vanilla macchiato + Hello Sunshine + lessons in random German from my hubby + 10 days until Maui!


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