Grateful Geek: Purple

As spring slowly swallows up the city, there is so much more color everywhere you go. The sun shines brighter, and everything from the ground to the sky sings with so much passion.

Spring has sprung... (Despite some recent snow flurries!)
Purple spring has sprung… (Despite some recent snow flurries!)

And one of my favorite parts? Seeing so much purple contrasted against light and dark.

Maybe that’s because I’ve been thinking about color more and differently. As I make plans for the months ahead, I’m thinking about web design, logos and the like for my business. Fun, existential questions like “What color is synonymous with ‘Nisha’?” and “What does this color really represent?” twirl around my head, kind of a like my younger self contemplating a Disney coloring book with her box of crayons.

Or maybe I’m just radiating with spring fever.

Whatever the reason, there’s really no other color that feels quite as luxurious, comforting and fresh as purple does.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Thinking big + release and inevitable relief + spring cleaning + power-up breakthroughs + tiger prawns at Sunday lunch + Pharrell’s passion for his art + quality Kindle time + an extra-hot, soy vanilla macchiato + the ferocious Russell Crowe + meditation challenges + Laini Taylor‘s mad creative universe of chimera and seraphim + Hope in the anchor print + peachy and bright cobalt + the magic in Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘s work (#RIPTalent) + indulging in too many cups of tea + being a firestarter + my hubby, the best debate partner + little more than two weeks until Maui!


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