Grateful Geek: Walk My Talk

Be it a friend or a client, I talk a lot about speaking from the heart. Saying it as you mean it. Not drowning in the tidal wave of “shoulds” and “musts.”

Gotta love Mindy’s candor!

It’s always easier to dish out good advice than to follow your own, and I do struggle with that from time to time (or more!).

But this week, I had opportunities to walk my talk in really meaningful ways, and I can’t tell you how good it felt!

The universe really does give you what you need when you most need it.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

The rising tide of ideas + new opportunities from unexpected corners + recording my second interview! + my first business “fan” letter + thoughtful, articulate young “clients” + giving things a second chance + perspective + the Core Desired Feelings image library + afternoon strolls just because + Sunday nights with Arya Stark and Selina Meyer + Central Park in pre-bloom + colorful blossoms + light turquoise + laughter and sassiness with my mom + the hokey and hot Captain America + meditation + Beyoglu + one-hour of The Mindy Project + weekend-long dates with my hubby + three weeks until Maui!


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