Grateful Geek: Hula Time

Me and my hubby are heading to Maui in May. I’m so excited!

A Maui sunset. I’m looking forward to several of these.

We’ve been craving a proper holiday for ages, and I’m so happy we finally settled on a plan. It’ll be a nice reward to cap a rather hectic working period for both of us.

I’ve been to Hawaii when I was a little kid, and all I remember of the trip are these two facts: (1) everywhere smells divinely of flowers, and (2) I nearly drowned during my first and last experience with surfing.

I’m really looking forward to creating new, beautiful memories there as an adult with my hubby (no surfing or drowning included). I can’t wait!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

The blog muse + getting ahead + reframing doubt + understanding that miracles are really just shifts in perception + journaling + virtual meet ups + Vitamin Water and clementines + Sofia Coppola and The Little Mermaid + teatime dessert + 100Cameras + investing in new technology + Magic + James Spader + pink clouds + spring dreams + yet another reason why Mindy Kaling is the coolest + harlowandsage: the cutest Instagram feed ever + random workday iMessaging with my hubby


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