Grateful Geek: Like a Boss

I won’t lie: for today’s “Grateful Geek” post, I struggled with what I’m grateful for this week. It has felt like a long week. Nothing particularly distressing happened, but there were times when self-doubt crept into the daily mix and made even the simplest — and usually enjoyable — of tasks trying.

Make it official with an awesome desktop wallpaper by Design Love Fest.

Then, as I was sitting here and reflecting over the past week, I realized something so obvious: in life and in business, you have to take ownership for the good and the bad, and act like a boss

When the going gets tough, you can’t just wallow. You acknowledge those low feelings, but you can’t let them derail you. As Dory wisely said in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming.”

You have to be able to put away doubts and fears, and get s*** done. The ability to keep going, to stay focused and find the best in every situation is what will empower, fortify and encourage you to keep on keeping on.

It’s not easy, but the more you do it, the more naturally it will become and you’ll realize you are a boss.

So that’s what I’m grateful for this week!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Turning the page + mentorship + patience and learning not be so hard on myself + refocusing my efforts + B-School empowerment + seeing how others see me + cheap headphones + full day dates + cool pre-spring rain + mini KitKat bars + long walks + sharing in friends’ triumphs + filing tax paperwork (it’s done! woohoo!) + the sun in my eyes + Veronica Roth, Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley + a quiet house as I happily work from the couch + my hubby’s calm, omniscient encouragement


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