Grateful Geek: The Zone

I don’t know about you, but these days, I love it when I’m in the zone.

In the zone.
In the zone.

I really love when I can dive into work with my whole heart for hours on end because it means I’m truly absorbed. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s challenging and it can be hard, but ultimately, it feels good.

The zone means I’m able to focus, be productive and go to bed at night knowing that I’ve really conquered the day!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Creating new routines + the first week of B-School + integrity + not being afraid to ask questions + accessing my imagination to understand my ideal clients + creating accountability + bouquets of fresh roses + uplifting conversation + reconnecting with old schoolmates + Finally L’Homme, a new blog by an old friend + mimosa yellow + Inc. magazine + sushi and salad + President Obama + celebrating good days with my my family + being patient with myself + the spring tease + holiday dreaming with my hubby


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