Grateful Geek: Living Colorfully

It’s no secret that I love Kate Spade New York accessories. Why? Because every item comes with a reminder to “live colorfully.”

Hard at work!
Living colorfully (literally) while hard at work!

That little motto makes me smile. To me, living colorfully is a story. It’s about creating and living the life of your dreams, and to enjoy each and every step while you’re on the journey to make those dreams come true.

I’m on that journey now, and although at times it can feel scary to venture into <<gulp>> uncharted territory, it’s good to know that there is so much more color in my life because of it!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Drive + vision boards + making plans, eliminating worries + writing marathons and working from bed + acknowledging what I want + conscientious clients + stream-of-consciousness free-writing + Layla headphones: the coolest ‘do not disturb’ sign + Oscars fashion + a sweeping affirmation + long chats with good friends + Superga + the laugh-out-loud action of Thor + “Bella” + ice-cold ginger water + awesome “homemade” playlists + WordSwag + Lupita Nyongo’o’s reminder that that there is no shade to inner beauty + prepping for blue skies and spring days + random chats with my parents + my hubby’s voice when he tells me his stories


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