Grateful Geek: Winter’s End

Long, dark days indoors definitely don’t boost one’s energy, and there is something pretty about dancing snowflakes…

Last year's tulips.
Last year’s tulips.

Ugh, what am I saying? No more snow!

Unless you’ve been living in some gorgeous, sunny island where “cold” is 70 degrees and there is no access to world news, you know that winter weather has been relentless across the U.S.

And in NYC, I can tell you that we’re all praying for spring to bloom. Like now.

Well, I know it won’t be much longer. It’s just another month until the official first day of spring. So until then, I’ll make the most of winter’s end.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Website redesign + uber-productive days + prioritizing + motivating factors + talking it out + the fabulous Marie Forleo + being a “friend” of the NYPL + French crullers and afternoon tea + supersoft bedsheets + sips of raspberry lemonade + tall boots + diving into the latest and greatest business books and YA fiction + pacing myself through the second season of House of Cards + the sweet Hank and Asha trailer + being simpatico with my BFF + putting on my “big girl” pants + yet another reason to adore Emma Thompson + silly daze with my hubby


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