Presently: February 12

The snowy city.
The snowy city.

Struggling With: Doubt. The life of an early-stage entrepreneur is a daily emotional rollercoaster. I thought I was alone in this, but after talking to friends and peers, and reading as much material as I can get my hands on, I have learned that this is part of the journey. I start and end each day with a positive, proactive outlook, but it’s as I’m going through the motions of the day that pangs of doubt creep across my mind. I wonder if I can really do this, if I can make this work. Or am I just kidding myself. I know I will have many more of these moments, and I also know that the only way to override them is to remember what I’m doing and why I do it. If I can stay true to my vision, and grow with it, I know I can build something I’m proud of.

Reading: Since 2014 started, I have been absorbed by very practical, personal or fantastical literature. I’ve been cycling through the latest business books, memoirs and YA fiction pretty consistently. They’re such different genres, but it seems they appease certain parts of my imagination in very necessary ways. So far, my favorites have been Jackie Huba’s Monster Loyalty, Jodi Meadows’s Asunder and Susannah Cahalan’s Brain on Fire.

I also have close to 200 (!) articles in my Safari Reading List that I need to make progress on!

Working On: Getting a full night’s sleep. Restarting a regular workout routine. Writing more. Carving out time to just enjoy the moment, rather than thinking about what I have done, what needs to get done, how I will do it, et cetera.

Loving: Me and my hubby have been home-hunting for a couple of months now. It’s been fun to visit empty spaces and imagine how we could make it our own. I want us to find “our” space soon. I can’t wait!

Watching: True Detective (which I’m about two episodes behind on) and The Blacklist (only for James Spader’s superb acting). In terms of movies, me and my hubby finally saw The Wolf of Wall Street, which was basically a drug-fueled, glorified porn flick. But it made me laugh. Hard.

I also recently saw Adore (based on Dorothy Lessing’s short novel The Grandmothers), starring Robin Wright and Naomi Watts, on Netflix, and it was probably one of the more disturbing, yet moving films I’ve seen in a while.

Needing: Inspiration from new corners. I have set aside Mondays as my official inspiration days, which I spend reading, writing, talking to people and other activities meant to awaken my imagination. Perhaps a visit to a local museum, people-watching in a new cafe or a stroll in a different neighborhood will help “open” my mind more, so that I can soak up new ideas and enrich my work/writing approach.

Daydreaming About: Oh, I’ve been daydreaming about taking a fabulous trip with my hubby. It would be lovely to just visit somewhere different and break the pace of life for a little bit. I dream of someplace sunny and beautiful, preferably by the sea, a la Italy or Greece. I hope we are able to take a trip like that soon!


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