Grateful Geek: Pinterest

Apparently, I’m one of those people who is highly skeptical whenever a new social network takes hold of the masses. I felt that way about Twitter and Instagram, and lo and behold, I love using both.

One of my favorite recent pins.

And that is also how I’ve felt about Pinterest until recently.

Pinterest really had no place in my life, but since starting my business, I’ve found real value in it. It’s a pleasure to seek inspiration in different places — be it art, pop culture, design, mottos or other random things — that brighten up the day and spark a new idea or thought.

Just like with Twitter and Instagram, I love that I’m curating words and images that mean something to me, that serve as a muse or a break for my mind — even for just a minute.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Redefining bravery + remembering I’m a writer + maps + sticking to my guns and never giving up + focusing on what’s important now + great conversations + Greek mythology + diplomacy + the freedom of shorter hairBrain on Fire + the expansive imagination behind good YA literature + waking up late + homemade French Toast brunch + the way Vlado Perlemuter played Chopin (always) + a Parisian cafe scene + Bubble Witch Saga + Beach House and Mer des Noms + fun entertainment value of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones + so much love in the air + fettucine alfredo + fresh flowers + sympathetic jet lag with my hubby (aka naptime)


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