Grateful Geek: Mumbai

It’s hard to believe that one year ago this Sunday, I flew back to NYC and turned the last page of my chapter in Mumbai. In many ways, it feels like just yesterday. But in other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.

This is the last photo of me and my hubby at our Mumbai apartment.

As much as I love being back in NYC and in familiar territory, I will always be grateful for my time in India. It was truly an unforgettable experience. It wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t always easy, but I learned so much. I found work that I love, made good friends, traveled to beautiful places, spent time with family and settled into a happy rhythm with my (then relatively new) hubby.

I learned about myself as an adult and to embrace even those uncomfortable, cringe-worthy, ugly moments of reflection.

I guess in a way you could say that Mumbai made me stronger.

I truly believe that if I didn’t have those years in Mumbai, I wouldn’t have reached a point in my life when I felt ready to take the leap of faith on myself and start something of my own.

So thank you, with my whole heart, Mumbai.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

My first interview! + roaring optimism and shattering insecurities + striving for more + growing my tribe and celebrating our triumphs + thoughtful insights + listening to my gut instincts + To Sell is Human and becoming more comfortable with “non-sales selling” + the slow-cooking psychological thrill of True Detective + good heart-pouring chats with my mom + ARTPOP + the Cleopatra Jones on whole wheat crust from Two BootsMarie Claire magazine + fresh haircuts and a breeze at my neck + The Fault in Our Stars trailer (read the book!) + brisk walks on subb-zero streets + laundry hot from the dryer + Macklemore’s uplifting and moving Grammys performance + the impending return of my hubby (only three days to go!)


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