Grateful Geek: The New Apple Queen

From Accessories Magazine.

I am seriously fascinated by Angela Ahrendts, the Burberry CEO turned Apple’s new senior vice president of retail (a job that was designed just for her). She transformed Burberry from a stodgy heritage brand to one that is modern, dynamic and rich with tradition. That is no easy feat!

Since starting my own business last year, I have been studying  entrepreneurs and business leaders in a variety of fields with a fervor. Amongst the most striking traits of the success stories is that each example has a huge imagination. No one was confined by a strict job description or by the perceived boundaries of an industry. They dreamed big, took a chance and backed their ideas with lots of hard work, self-education and faith.

Thankfully, we have shining examples of such visionaries. There are people from all walks of life that are harnessing their imagination in truly captivating ways. There are no rules. 

I don’t know about you, but I love that. I find it inspiring and encouraging about the kind of world we’re growing into.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Six months of being in business for myself (WOOHOO!) + time audits and new weekly mantras + whiteboarding + orange juice and Vitamin C boosts + awards season especially Elizabeth Moss’s Golden Globes look and Emma Thompson’s sass (who else could toss Louboutins over her shoulder with such coolness and aplomb?) + Downton Abbey and Luther marathons + impromptu kitchen inspiration + warmer weather after the deep freeze + Julia Kostreva + soft colors + Rice Krispies and sliced bananas + stacks of new library books + Coursera + patience + heating pads + Stanford Social Innovation Review + fluffy pink bedroom slippers + sleeping soundly at night next to my hubby


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