Grateful Geek: Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is back! (Although Season Four premiered this past Sunday, I haven’t seen it yet…)

God, I love Maggie Smith.

What is it about this British mini-series that I love? It’s like a cultured soap opera…with Maggie Smith! I mean, her quips and eye-rolls are priceless. I’ll have to carve out time this weekend to catch up.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Creating an idea log + creative coaching + a busy schedule + mantras and new methodologies + webinars and seminars +  organization fun a la Monica Gellar + practical and sound business advice + lunch breaks + Spotify + homemade mini quesadillas + the Amelie universe + the breezy Brighton girl and a cute ice cream cone + self-control + lemon water + pink plaid + Jane Austen + my local, user-friendly Starbucks barista + The Great Gatsby soundtrack + new holds at the local library + Mindy and Danny + late-night gaming on my iPad + my hubby, the ultimate sounding board + breathing deep and taking chances + reaching for the stars…one goal at a time


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