Of Stars and Goals

The New Year is moving forward at 100mph — can you believe that it’s nearly mid-January already???

From the Kate Spade New York 2014 Desktop Calendar
From the Kate Spade New York 2014 Desktop Calendar. (PS: This whimsical print also comes in a totally adorable iPhone case!)

My year is already off to a great start, but there’s always room for improvement!

To ring in 2014, I wrote about three words and why I think that approach is better than setting New Year’s resolutions. My words — DO, MINDFUL and RED — are my daily mantra, and I really feel they remind me of what I aspire for this year.

This got me thinking about creating tangible tasks — a to-do list — for each month to pointedly reinforce my three words.

If you think of three words as the theme of your year, setting specific tasks for each month are the steps you take to consciously activate and promote their “power.”

This to-do list does not have to be focused on one thing, nor does it have to be long. It can be as fun or “serious” as you like. The only prerequisite is that it should be manageable and speak directly to your three words.

What matters here is the intention behind the tasks, and whether it helps you push forward and make progress with your goals.

For example, my to-do list for January includes three tasks:

  • Do a proper “photo shoot” for my business;
  • Take one SoulCycle beginner’s class; and
  • Do a one-day juice cleanse.

There, that’s all. It’s simple, focused and doable. It may not seem like a big deal to others, but I’m keeping my eyes on my own paper: these are things that I have either been putting off for whatever reason or not making time for.

There are 1,001 other things I’d like to do, but I think creating a long list for each month defeats the purpose of making a conscious effort to cross things off. With professional and personal responsibilities, it may not be feasible.

The point of the to-do list is to say these are the three tasks I absolutely want to cross off my list. No stress, pressure or guilt involved.

And then next month, I’ll set up a new to-do list with three specific tasks — maybe one of them will be the same as one I do this month, or maybe it will be an extension of it.

The point is to reach for the stars…one goal at a time.

So, what three tasks will be on your January task list? Feel free to share!


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