Grateful Geek: Hercules

The snow blanketed NYC late last night into this morning. And it’s beautiful.

Photo credit goes to the talented NYC photographer, Vivienne Gucwa

I haven’t seen real snow in years, since the winter before me and my hubby moved to Mumbai. Seeing snowstorm Hercules bring snow fall in consistent waves was magical to behold. Especially since the family Christmas tree is still up. It’s almost like it’s still holiday time.

It makes me feel like a little girl once again.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Post-holiday euphoria + ice cold sunshine + business visioning for 2014 + the idea train + developing new skills + super productive work days + three words + Mozart + Roma’s Pizza + unopened champagne bottles + heat and layers + pretty little details + pink bedroom slippers + prolonging the final season of Breaking Bad (don’t want it to end!) + Nutella on a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel + super-sized mugs of tea + Poppin organization accessories + penguins + HBO Go + my father’s stories + evening cleaning sessions + iMessaging he best friends + The smART Peace Prize + the magnificent return of Donna Tartt + early morning giggles with my hubby


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