Grateful Geek: Sleep

I love sleep.

From Chicago Magazine.

No, like I really love sleep. I used to say things like: “I wish someone would pay me to sleep,” (still do) and “God bless the person who invented the mattress — I would marry that person if s/he is alive.”

Funny, then, that in all my praise of sleep, I have forgotten how amazing and empowering a good night’s rest can be. Until this week.

Since launching my business, I find myself with some bad bedtime habits. Either I’m working, working, working (or thinking about work) until very late at night/into the wee hours of the morning, or to “decompress,” I end up doing late-night, mini-marathons on Netflix. These are just two examples of “bad” habits, but I didn’t realize what a toll it was taking on me. Some days, I wake up really tired, but I power through.

I forgot that feeling of feeling totally refreshed and energized. Y’know, the way sleep is supposed to make you feel.

Then, a couple of nights ago, I switched things up and reverted back to older, better habits from when I was younger. Like no TV before bed (no screens allowed). Like a hot cup of soy milk (with malt-flavored Ovaltine because I love that stuff!). Like cracking open a physical book and just enjoying the ritual of reading before sleep.

Now I could have just been really tired that day — which I was — but I really slept and woke up feeling so good. I felt awake, present and positive about the day. Nothing beats that! I have to keep this trend going.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

A moment to push pause on the breakneck speed of work, to reflect and to catch my breath + new skills and refining old ones + putting dreams and ideas into action + Dream Customer Catching + caffeine fuel + feeling creative + the biting cold and sunshine’s embrace + getting back into my regular gym routine + a reason to get all dolled up + getting “work happy” + touches of pink + Christian Bale’s “complicated” combover and Jennifer Lawrence’s neurotic sense of humor + good news from far away friends + singing speech + over-the-top action flicks + my mom, the most thoughtful and impeccable hostess with the most-ess + cheesy melodrama of Life Unexpected + the sleep habits of famous writers + Duke Ellington + always Brad Pitt (he turned 50!) + Christmas lights and a dancing Santa at the foot of the tree + Why “Love Actually” Matters + The Silver Linings Playbook (the novel) + notes from my BFFs + bad jokes + my hubby’s contagious smile + five days until Christmas!


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