Grateful Geek: Teen Heartthrobs

This last week has been full of reminders of the heartthrobs of my teenage years. Y’know, the pinup idols that teenagers like to decorate their walls, notebooks and desktop backgrounds with.


The passing of Paul Walker really made me sad. I wasn’t a diehard fan, but I enjoyed the fun of the Fast & Furious franchise (thanks to my hubby). I remember seeing Walker in other movies too — for instance, the excellent Pleasantville — and it was hard to ignore how good-looking he was. And, as has been mentioned in every media report this week including this sweet story, he seemed like a very earnest and laid-back guy.

It’s tragic that his life ended too soon.

Then there’s Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, both who deliver incredible, unforgettable performances in Dallas Buyers Club. I remember loving and crushing on them when I was younger and my hormones were on parade. I remember going to the newsstand around the corner from school, flipping through teen magazines and waxing poetic with classmates about how amay-zing they are.

Now? Well, now I have my own heartthrob at home, but it’s nice to see these guys grow older and prove to be much, much more than tabloid fodder and a pretty face.

It’s weird and wonderful to watch these idols I used to ogle at grow older, just as I am too.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Caffeine + the idea train + visualization and planning ahead + web design and learning by doing + library books + at-home brunch date with one of my best girlfriends + piano man with “raw talent” + cold, long evening strolls on Madison Avenue + late night hangouts with my brother + Chris Messina! + bold stripes + iMessage sessions with one of my other best girlfriends + Populaire + papayas and bananas + petit fours + modern Gucci classics + Ash Ambirge’s guts + Thanksgiving leftovers + Work B*tch + brown cardboard packages + seasonal postcards + Celfie + my hubby’s renewed commitment to healthy living + getting in deep with my journal + Jewel + the holiday lights of NYC + three weeks until Christmas!


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