Grateful Geek: Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a strong believer in acknowledging your blessings any time of year. (After all, that’s why I started the “Grateful Geek” series.)

But there’s something about having a mandatory holiday to count your blessings with the people you love that never loses its charm. It really doesn’t get much better than food, family and fun on a cold day!

This week, I’m also lovin’:

New ideas and proposals + enthusiastic clients + work progress (onward and upward!) + impromptu family lunches during the work week + aisle seats + patience + small luxuries + black + FaceTime + rainy days + Equipment + Allegra + brisk walks in the cold, cold city + Austro-Hungarian pastries and fruit tarts + vintage-ish floral patterns and gold leaf + soy caramel macchiatos + old school (like A Time to Kill) Matthew McConaughey + family feasts and my dad, the family chronicler + working alongside my hubby + evening strolls with my mom + Buzzfeed lists + early Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts and more holiday shopping + unexpected snow flurries + Papaya King hot dogs + 2014 thoughts + four weeks until Christmas!


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