Grateful Geek: Jonesy

Last weekend, I picked up the latest Bridget Jones novel, called Mad About the Boy. It was the title and cover that caught my eye:

I was expecting a semi-fun, mostly mediocre confection. But you know what? It’s surprisingly good. I can’t stop laughing! This is Helen Fielding at her best.

The first Bridget Jones movie is one of my all-time favorites, but I was not a big fan of the books (read the first, couldn’t get through the second). They were okay and at times entertaining, but the first one is a rare case when — in my humble opinion — the movie surpassed the book.

The fabulous Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones

The new story takes place about 20 years after the second book. There is a huge spoiler that sets up the premise of Bridget’s current life, and I won’t say it here because you figure it out fairly quickly in the first pages, but I will say that this book finds Bridget older but not necessarily wiser, and with a whole new set of challenges (like social media!)…while being a mom to two young kids.

It’s funny and has a lot of heart. Some of it is cliched, but that’s to be expected: it’s chick lit! If you want something light, fun and good to read, go for it.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Business firsts + guilty pleasures + vision and passionate clients + getting organized + Naruto ramen + the badass Walter White and Breaking Bad + charging into the holiday season + orchid pink + scarf weather + the emotional intensity and honesty of 12 Years a Slave + small picturesque moments + Applause + Halloween decor + heating pads + notes from faraway friends + Christina Ricci’s couture wedding gown + bookstore discounts + Florence Welch in the background + vacation scheming + fresh carrot cupcakes with real cream cheese frosting + About Time trailer + the Festival of Lights + “gaining” an hour + “Pure Heroine” and “Royals” lyrics + early afternoon or late evening strolls + my hubby’s inner, burgeoning bookworm + dreaming, believing and achieving


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