Grateful Geek: Prism

I’ll admit it: just like I can be a book snob, I can be a music snob. I have diverse tastes that span all different genres, but (sometimes) when it comes to what’s “popular,” I tend to look in the other direction. A lot of the times, I just don’t like it. Or I want to like it, but it just falls completely short of expectations.

Katy Perry featured in the July 2013 issue of US Vogue

That’s why I’m really, really surprised that I like Katy Perry’s new album Prism. I think Katy is a genuinely cool gal (unlike many of her peers and despite her boyfriend whom I can’t stand), and I like a couple of her songs, but I wouldn’t have called myself a fan.

Now, I just might.

For me, at least, Prism is a cohesive pop album, moreso than her previous albums, which I have sampled and not liked. The songs are a lot of fun to listen to, the lyrics aren’t gimmicky and — let’s face it — the girl can sing. It sounds like she’s really come into her own. And that is something truly awesome to behold, or in this case, listen to.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Autumn nights in NYC + mad productive days + celebrating three years of being a ‘professional’ writer + discovering I’m an “impatient optimist” + fresh haircuts and Japanese hair salons + misty afternoons + romantic strolls through Central Park + the post-workout hot shower + selfies + Welch’s fruit snacks and fun-size Crunch bars + the living sea + snapping the moment + real photography + Rap God + essay-emails to dear friends + a tall soy no foam chai from Starbucks + bookstore moments + working out to Will and Grace (what I would prefer to call “The Jack and Karen Show”) re-runs + new leads + burgundy + art inspiration + confectionary pop music + pasta fantasies and vegan delights + cold sunshine + historical fiction + the unwavering, unshakable confidence and support of my hubby + holiday hints + that centered moment before you open your eyes after a deep sleep + dreaming out loud


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