Grateful Geek: Malala

I can’t believe that it was only one year ago that Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teenaged education activist, was shot by the Taliban. Seeing her poise and grace makes me feel like it was long ago. Here is an articulate, thoughtful young lady who is using her voice for something good and valuable, and she was punished for it.

But Malala survived, and violence hasn’t slowed her down. And now she is history’s youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. The fact that Malala survived a vicious attack on her life at such a young age isn’t what makes her heroic; it’s her resilience and the courage of her convictions. We all can learn to be as passionate and positive as her.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Website renovations + brainstorm sessions with my hubby + warm croissants + visiting BFFs + the pace of Gravity in 3D IMAX and Sandra Bullock’s natural, understated performance + burning the almost midnight oil + Juice Generation’s carrot ginger soup + laundry fresh from the dryer + Sleepy Hollow marathon on Hulu + bargain shopping + the fact that UPS is across the street + smoked salmon + clouds and downpours + Madonna’s daring version of 55 + friendly customer service + the Uber iPhone apps + clean bedsheets + hoodies + simplification + short hair fantasies + navy leather + MSNBC commentary + The 20/20 Experience, part deux + the poetry of Dorothy Parker + scheduled girlfriend dates + black and white + cut strawberries + Tom Hanks + gym buddies who happen to be strangers + French Fling + short ‘n’ vampy nails + Homeland + Yogi green tea rejuvenation + fun with glasses + pop-up Halloween costume stores + weekend friend-tastic reunions + late night hot chocolate + a job well done


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