Grateful Geek: Schmidtisms!

Schmidt on himself
From Tumblr

One of my all-time favorite shows is New Girl. I mean, I can watch old episodes over and over again, and even though I know what’s coming, it will still have me in stitches. Especially Schmidt. I mean, with gems like the one below, how can you resist laughing?

Schmidt on Indian culture
From Tumblr


For more Schmidt-isms, check Tumblr out.

This week, I’m also lovin’:

Literally gallons of Schweppes ginger ale, Vita Coco tropical coconut water and tea + straws + being my own boss + book recommendations and growing bedside stacks + Twitter conversations with far away friends + kate spade new york accessories like this iPhone 5 case or this bright business card holder + the “spectacular” Robin Williams + how much Lorde‘s vocal talent reminds me of the otherworldly Emiliana Torrini + my parents’ sense of humor + Vietnamese sweet and sour soup with shrimp wontons and pineapple chunks + watching crazy DC politicos argue while working out hard + the New York Public Library + Chopped reruns + planning a reunion dinner with some of my absolute favorite people + this colorful Montauk photo spread in Vogue + late summer warmth + Jhumpa Lahiri + a new project launch + Behance action books + karaoke fantasies + Kardashian nonsense + pinkish blush tones + how awesome my iPhone 5S looks in its New York-themed case + candid interviews and “real” podcasts + teddy bears and puppies + bottomless bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios + my jeans uniform + holding my hubby’s hand + New York rainbows


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