Presently: September 25

Taking in the sunshine. Photo credit: nishaksquared
Taking in the sunshine.
Photo credit: nishaksquared

I used to do weekly Presently posts on EST, my last blog, but wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with that tradition here at musings & moments. But let’s give it a try on a (maybe) biweekly or monthly basis. 

Loving: Fall is making me fall back in love with my hometown big-time. Everything seems to be in technicolor. There really is no better place on Earth than NYC. It’s pure perfection.

(Oh, I’m also loving my new iPhone 5S. Yes, I got one the day it was released. Thanks to my hubby and an amazingly thoughtful salesgirl at the local Radio Shack. No, I didn’t stand on any absurd lines. Yes, it’s pretty awesome. It’s also kind of silly how crazy about an object one can be!)

Thinking About: Italy. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the influence of the latest J. Crew style guide with glorious photos in Venice. Maybe it’s this gorgeous photograph I found with a magnificent view of the Amalfi Coast (my current desktop background). Or maybe it’s because I’m craving nice, hearty Italian meals more as the days grow cooler. Whatever it is, I would love to be strolling the streets of Rome with my handsome hubby by my side.

Working On: New projects, new articles, updating my business site. Since July, each day has been filled to the brim with business development, research, studying, projects, writing. I know that this being the beginning of my venture means that my work will be in constant evolution until I find just the right rhythm. It’s a lot of hard work, but I’m relishing every minute of it.

Reading: I just started Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest novel The Lowland, and I wish I could spend all day and all night reading it. That woman is one of my literary heroes. The novel’s prose is as elegant, mature and beautiful as anything else Lahiri has written. She deserves this year’s Booker Prize.

Listening To: Daft Punk seems to be the most frequent soundtrack to my work and workouts these days.

Wishing: I hope that all the craziness that’s being witnessed around the world today — Syria, Kenya, Pakistan, wherever — will die down. Enough is enough.


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