Meet Fitbit

Fitbit One
My Fitbit One spends more time with me than my hubby!
Photo credit: nishaksquared

This year, I did two big things to invest into a healthier lifestyle.

The first is that, about 10 weeks ago, I started working out regularly. I have missed less than a handful of days at the gym — I still go every single day for 75 minutes. Cardio and strength training. And the results do have me pleased: pounds are coming off, as are inches. My jeans (my everyday uniform) are gradually becoming too big, and when I recently got myself another pair, I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t get away with keeping them — a smaller size was needed!

In all fairness, it’s not the smaller size that I’m fixated on (although that’s a really nice benefit). Rather, it’s that my hard work is paying off. It’s definitely good motivation to keep going. Working out is a lifelong lifestyle choice, not just a stop-gap to drop a few pounds like with a crash diet.

My second investment into a healthier lifestyle has been the purchase of a Fitbit One. I’m not big on product reviews, but I do feel compelled to share some of my favorite things with you. And aside from my miraculous C. Wonder jeans collection (seriously amazing fit, especially for us short girls) and the iPhone, the Fitbit One ranks high on my list of worthwhile, life-changing purchases.

Now, if you’re not familiar with what the Fitbit One is, it’s an activity and sleep tracker. And this little guy is fantastic! I was skeptical at first, but I’ve realized that it’s accurate and very user-friendly, in terms of the data it collects to help you.

As you can tell from the above image, it’s discrete — unlike the wristbands that have become so popular as of late. (Full disclosure: my hubby has the Fitbit Flex, which is the wristband. And although it’s great, I think the One is better.) You wear this little guy around the clock. Clip him onto your pocket or bra, and you don’t even realize it’s there. The daily goal is 10,000 steps, and it logs all your movement. And unlike complaints I’ve read with other such trackers, I have not had any issues with it logging my activity at the gym.

It comes in black and burgundy (I have the latter). It syncs wirelessly with your computer or phone. It has a great online app wherein your dashboard displays how much activity you’ve done each day, the length and quality of your sleep, and there’s also a food diary to help you keep a log of your nutrition. You can also access this app from your iPhone (4S and above). All of these tools are meant to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet your goals.

Another reason why I like the app is that you can befriend others who use a Fitbit device and encourage (and/or compete) with one other. That’s what me and my hubby do, and I like that we are trying to be healthier together, as a team. It’s fun!

Fitbit also encourages me throughout the day. Unless I’m staring at its little screen, I may not always notice, but when I have, I genuinely love how this little guy is my personal cheerleader.

I have seen the following messages from the little guy, and I’m sure there are others that I haven’t seen yet: “Bonjour, Nisha!”, “High Five, Nisha!”, “Stepgeek Nisha!”, “Smooches Nisha!” And when I need to be working harder, “Go Nisha!” and “Faster Nisha!”

So, as you can probably tell by the tone of this post, I love the Fitbit One. And if you’re thinking about getting such a device, I really recommend the Fitbit One. There are other trackers made by the likes of Jawbone and Nike, but in terms of value, utility and price, I would go for the Fitbit.

And if you do end up getting one, let me know! Let’s be friends and encourage one another.


One thought on “Meet Fitbit

  1. You know what? I’m trying to shed those damn ten pounds lately! Been walking and jogging in a local park. I’m using the mapmyrun app instead of fitbit to keep track of my miles. For some odd reason, I was never tempted to buy a fitbit when I saw others using it. But you sold me on the idea of using a fidbit! 🙂 I must got shopping this weekend!

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