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Just a snapshot of my time in wine country. Photo credit goes to my hubby.
Just a snapshot of my time in wine country. Loved every minute of it. Photo credit goes to my hubby.

I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Mine was nice and low-key with lots of family time, food and naps. The NYC weather was thick and gray — reminiscent of Mumbai — but I made the best of it.

Can you believe summer is over? I can’t!

It’s September now. Soon, the weather will turn cool and crisp, and the colors will be radiant. I haven’t experienced fall weather since 2009, so I’m really excited for it. More than New Year’s, everything about this time of year just screams fresh start and renewal.

I also can’t believe that I’ve been back States-side for seven months! It has been an unbelievably full and hectic time, but blessedly so. Between work and recent trips, it has been hard to blog more consistently in this space, but I’m going to make a much stronger effort now.

New, more detailed posts will be coming soon about what I have been up to, but in the meantime, here’s a taste of what life has been like:

  • Me and my hubby took a trip to California wine country, and it was beautiful. I knew I would have an amazing time, but I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with the experience! Incredible scenery, wine, food, strolls and company. It doesn’t get much better than this!
  • Great phone and Twitter conversations with friends old and new. This has been an easy anchor when it’s too easy to get lost — and isolated by — work.
  • Recently finished reading The Zen of Social Media MarketingHow to Get Filthy Rich in Rising AsiaAnd the Mountains Echoed and The Cuckoo’s Calling. My favorite of the bunch? Unsurprisingly, Cuckoo (authored by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith) scores high.
  • Hard at work on work projects and my writing. It’s a rollercoaster ride of confidence and emotions, but I am proud of myself for giving it my all. New  projects are also simmering on the burners!
  • As if I needed another digital property to manage, I have launched a Tumblr about — can you guess? — dessert! My sweet tooth and Instagram love has inspired me to share some fabulous dessert porn with you. Here’s to sweet eats!

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