A Breath of Fresh Air

Life has been tearing forward at a breakneck pace (how is September already around the corner???), but I feel blessed to be able to work hard at something I love.

That being said, everyone deserves a break! So, I will be enjoying wine country on the West Coast until early next week. I’m super excited: the last time I went to California was when I was four! I’m looking forward to sunny days, gorgeous scenery, great wine, and — of course — quality happy time with my hubby.

I’ll share my adventures with you when I come back as a refreshed, content, rested version of myself!


One thought on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Hope you have a fabulous trip! California sounds lovely! I haven’t been there since ages either. But I’ve been thinking of making a trip sometime this year! Looking forward to reading about your adventure!

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